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Free Legal Hotline for Metropolitan Buglar and Fire Alarm Association of New York, Inc., members

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(User ID is provided on your profile page on this web site.) 

Have your quick question* answered by attorneys specializing in the alarm industry.

Your MBFAA Hot Line is 516 747 6700

General Information: Ken Kirschenbaum, Esq.

Licensing: Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

Collection issues

Labor and Employment

Industry standard contracts: Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda, ext 312

Call Ken Kirschenbaum at 516 747 6700 x 301 and you will either get a "quick answer" or if you leave a message a call back. You can also email Ken with questions at

*Document review is not included this free service.

Ken Kirschenbaum, Esq.
Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum PC, Attorneys at Law
200 Garden City Plaza
Garden City, NY 11530
516 747 6700 x 301
email me at
visit our web site at

We invite you to join or renew your membership in the MBFAA.

new… mbfaa member PRIVILEGES on

Here is a NEW MEMBER BENEFIT sure to bring you some business.

Consumers can do an on line search to find member companies who do business in their area and provide the services they are seeking.

Check out our Search Companies feature.
These listings are FREE TO MBFAA MEMBERS in good standing!

In addition MBFAA will allow each member company a FREE WEB PAGE on the MBFAA web site if you don’t have your own page somewhere else. (Restrictions apply as to size and technology, so please ask first! Keep it simple. This is new to me.)

Fill out the
membership application and we will review it.




If you check off the boxes for any business or service you provide that requires a NYS license, YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR NYS LICENSE NUMBER, otherwise you will not be included in the consumer search for those businesses or services requiring a license. Example: If you install burglar alarms and need a license and install telephone systems and don’t need a license, you will be listed ONLY for telephone systems. (You don’t have a license, shame on you! (Talk to me about taking the state approved license course.))

Consumers search for AREA and SERVICE. Results are listed alphabetically. Please be fair. If your company is in Manhattan and you do business only in the five boughs and DON’T go to Suffolk County, don’t click the box for Suffolk County! If you are NOT a licensed NYS Watch Guard or Patrol Agency or Private Investigator do not check off the box “Guard Company.”



We invite you to join or renew your membership in the MBFAA. 

The Metropolitan Burglar and Fire Alarm Association of New York, Inc. is one of this nation’s oldest associations of low voltage professionals who install burglar and fire alarm, CCTV, access controls, telephone systems, structured wiring, home automation systems, and audio visual systems. Many of our founding members can trace back their history to the very beginnings of the electronic protection industry. 

We are the largest independent alarm association in New York State
The oldest and largest alarm association on Long Island.

The Association's mission is to support and promote the low voltage security industry and life safety providers in the Metropolitan New York and Long Island Areas, and to assist security and life safety providers with their mission to protect the public from criminal threats and life safety issues. To accomplish our mission we provide training, governmental interface, and networking services for security professionals. 

Membership is open to professional security system dealers and installers, locksmiths, system integrators, service providers, central monitoring stations, and related equipment manufacturers and distributors.

We are your LOCAL association run by and for security dealers and industry members. The MBFAA has stood behind security dealers since the very inception of the modern electronic security industry. The MBFAA endeavors to promote public safety, reduce false alarms, provide liaison to police and fire departments, and to advocate public policy so as to provide a stable business climate for our members. 

We provide training to enable our members to complete the New York State licensing requirements administered by the Department of State. We provide ongoing training involving various topics in the areas of: technical, financial and sales. 

We maintain an extensive website  for both our members and the general public. For our members, the site provides helpful information on technical and business matters and association business. For the general public, the site provides information on security in general and encourages consumers to purchase security systems from MBFAA members who are licensed dealers. 

We provide a free web site business listing and a free web page, for our licensed members, and a cross listing for help wanted and services rendered. This is where you can advertise for help wanted and sub-contractors can advertise for the kind of work they do. 

We encourage dealer networking both on our web site and at our meetings. 

We routinely provide critical information on important issues such as state licensing, permits, regulations, Fire Department issues, Police Department issues, such as the possibility of “NO RESPONSE,” false alarm reduction techniques and technology. I don't think anyone who attended our meetings would disagree with this statement. Meetings addressed: VoIP and communicating with the central station, IP Video, GSM wireless central station communications, false alarm reduction. Future meetings will include other "hot" technical topics as well as sales and collection topics. 

Members receive our bi-monthly publication Security Line magazine. 

Over the years we have represented the alarm industry to local and state governments, many times behind the scenes, many times with media coverage. If the MBFAA wasn't there, the security alarm industry would be a whole lot different than it is today. 

We are constantly seeking out discounted business services for our members like insurance discounts and individual and small business health and medical benefits, lawyer’s consulting, legal advice, and contracts, etc.

Now is the time to make a $299.95 investment in your future and your business's future. To become a new member or re-up as an existing member is a return on investment (ROI) of phenomenal proportions. Read your Security Line magazine. Utilize your MBFAA web site. Come to your MBFAA meetings, network with your MBFAA peers. Parlay your $299.95 investment into thousands of tangible and intangible dollars.

 We invite you to join or renew your membership in the MBFAA.

"BE A PART OF IT" the MBFAA your LOCAL alarm association.


Alan Glasser,

Executive Director

And another GOOD get answers to your questions:


James P. Colgate, RA, Esq.
Executive Architect
New York City Department of Buildings

Dear James:
Alan Glasser President of the MBFAA referred me to you for a correct
answer to the following question.
A question has come up in my Coop Apt. building where I reside and am on the
Board Of Directors. Combination Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector self contained
units have been installed in all apartments of this building, as per NYC requirement.
My question is that a deaf women resides in this building, and it is unclear to us
or our managing agent, what will we have to install to be in compliance with the
law in this deaf women's apartment?
I'm told that she presently has a smoke detector that flashes a strobe in a few locations
in her Apt.
Do you know of a self contained unit (s) that would be in compliance with the new law,
for this deaf woman's Apt, can you give me the type, brand & model number?
Would it be a single unit or multiple self contained units?
Is it a combination C02/smoke detector unit?
Also, all shareholder were billed for the installation of these detectors.
Who must bear the cost of the unit (s) installation of the proper
carbon monoxide detector whatever type it or they may be, for this women's apartment,
I am a member a member of the MBFAA, in good standing for over 15 Years.
I would appreciate very much any insight into this matter that you may have.
Thank you very much in advance,
$%^^*&* &^%$##$%
President, $%^%^&&&^%$ Systems, Inc.

Dear Mr. #$%^%&,
NYC Building Code Reference Standard 17-12, section, requires a CO detector to cause the operation of a visible alarm signal with a minimum rating of 110 candela within 16 feet of the pillow in a sleeping room occupied by a hearing impaired person.  Additional CO alarms may be installed in other parts of the same apartment (i.e. non-bedrooms), and these additional alarms need only be 15 candelas (because they do not need to wake the person up from a sleep). 
There are several models available.  I would recommend doing a or search with the terms "Carbon monoxide" and "strobe".  Most of the models I have seen are hardwired (AC 120V) or plug-in, and are in the range of $200+.
As to who pays, that's HPD's area.  It is my understanding that in a tenant-landlord relationship, the maximum payment by the tenant is $25.  In a co-op, that would be the same unless there is something in the proprietary lease that says otherwise.  But this is not really my area, so if this is an issue about payments, please contact HPD on this matter.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
James Colgate
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
James P. Colgate, RA, Esq.
Executive Architect
New York City Department of Buildings

We invite you to join or renew your membership in the MBFAA.



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